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OASIS Student Ministry (OSM)

I am so glad you are taking the time to see what is going on with students at Valley! Life is full of choices about where to spend your time, and I am thrilled that you are considering OASIS Student Ministry (OSM) as a place where you can belong. Thru this webpage we will show you the upcoming programs and activities that are going on in OSM.

At Valley our students are absolutely first-rate. We are a group that is all about LOVING GOD & LOVING PEOPLE (LGLP). We do this thru meeting once a week and being involved in the community. We are a highly relational ministry that will help you become a passionate Jesus follower.

All information on OSM will be found at or if you have a question feel free to email at


Our student ministry exists to SHARE the Gospel with non-believing students, to ATTACH them to other Believers, to help them INCREASE in their faith and to challenge them to SERVE others OFFERING their lives to God in worship.


Bible Study
Sunday at 9:30 am at the OASIS Student Center

SNYG (Sunday Night Youth Group)

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