About Us

Realizing that God has called each of us to pattern our lives after the example of Jesus Christ, we also understand that He has called us together as a group of believers to work, support, and encourage one another to do His work on earth.
From the Bible, God’s Word, it is our conviction that we exist as a church to work together toward fulfilling God’s two-fold purpose of:

1. Sharing the message of Jesus Christ with those outside the church.
2. Enabling those inside the church to mature as believers. We are to do this through the teaching of the Bible, the employment of our gifts and talents, and through the common experiences of fellowship and worship.

In order that we do not forget, nor neglect, our uniqueness as part of God’s church, everything we do as a church must revolve around and help to accomplish this two-fold purpose. While this “Statement of Purpose” of Valley Christian Church could be elaborated upon and expanded, for the practical benefits of being useful and easy to remember, we reduce these concepts to the simplest language of:

Sharing the message of Jesus Christ with not-yet believers

Nurturing the members of this part of Christ’s Church -
Members of Valley Christian Church