“WHAT MATTERS?” (Deuteronomy 6)


(Deuteronomy 6)


God is preparing his people for:

A_________/P___________       Competitive R__________

I____________ I________________.

THE PROMISE (vs. 1-3)

“Enjoy Long Life” - ________________________________

Exodus 20:12                         Ephesians 6:1-3

THE PLEA (vs 4-5)

“Shema” means ___________________________________________.

“Your/You” is s____________.  Each of you!

Love God with all your:

H________     S_______     S___________     M___________

THE PLAN (vs. 6-19)

“Impress” means to ________________________________.

Talk/Sit/Walk/Lie down/Get up

THE PAST (vs. 20-25)

Tell G__________S_______________

The PLEA is to follow the PLAN in telling the story of the PAST with a PROMISE for the future before/during the PREDICAMENT.








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