“The Good News” Mark 1:1-11

“The Good News” Mark 1:1-11

God sent Jesus Christ into the world. He has completed His mission, living a perfect life, giving His life as the final payment for all sin and conquering the grave with Life!

  1. The Bible’s Message: J_______ Is God’s Son and Our Savior. (V. 1)
    1. The Beginning: This record was brand N_____.
    2. The Gospel = G______ N____. Jesus broke the power of sin & death! John 3:16; 10:10; 14:27
    3. Of Jesus: God sent only O____ Savior to this world.
    4. Christ: Greek word for A_____________.
    5. Son of God: Jesus is the O______ begotten Son of God, Creator, Lord, King, Judge and more!
      1. The earliest R__________ of humanity reveal recognition of deity.
      2. Jesus proved the existence of G_____.
  2.  The Good News of Jesus Was Proclaimed B_________ He Came.
    1. V. 2 “As it is W__________…” God gave a preview.
      1. A _______ year old message of Isaiah 40:3-11 & the 500 year old Malachi 3:1 that began in Genesis 3:14f.
      2. Over 600 prophecies promised a Messiah.
      3. The N________ of many Old Testament individuals reflect upon God, our Salvation.
    2. God would be “before your F_______.” (V.2) Matthew 13:15
    3. V.3= “Make ready the W_____ of the Lord… make His Paths straight
  3. Jesus Came as the F________________ of God’s Good News Plan.
    1. J_______ the Baptist was to prepare the way. (V.4-8)
      1. The time was ripe!
      2. John H___________ served God; believers traveled.
      3. God used W__________: a process of physical & spiritual cleansing.
      4. Jesus C_____________ all believers in Him to repent, confess His name and to be baptized. Mark 16:15-16; Acts 2:38; 22:16
    2. Jesus B________ His ministry as John prepared the way. (V.9f)
    3. John recognized & identified J_______ as Redeemer. John 1:32-34.
    4. G_____ identified Jesus as Savior.
    5. Jesus completed His M__________ as Messiah.

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