“THE CRY FOR HELP” Mark 1:40-45

“THE CRY FOR HELP” Mark 1:40-45

People are dying in their sin, but we have the cure – Jesus!

  1. The Cry for Help in the F_______
    1. The M___________ challenge… no drug stores. (Vs. 32 & 34)
    2. God’s L_____ includes Health Rules.
    3. The most dreaded disease was L____________.
      1. He was CONTAMINATED.
      2. He was CORRUPTED.
      3. Leviticus 13-14. But all still died from the curse of sin.
    4. Jesus H__________ the desperate man (V.41-43) with caring love, compassion, conviction, and command.
    5. What were the R________ of this encounter with Jesus? The leper received respect, was healed & commissioned, but disobeyed Jesus.
  2. The Cry for Help Must Be Heard T_________.
    1. L______ for God & people becomes the motivation for Christians.
      1. Jesus had C____________ on the needy, and His servants develop that nature and attitude. Matthew 25:34-40
      2. We P_______ for God to lead us in serving. Are we watching for open doors?
    2. Are we willing to get D______ or sacrifice? No amount of time or effort is wasted when serving in the name of Jesus Christ.
    3. The Leprosy of S_______ continues to infest the world.
      1. Romans 3:23; 6:23
      2. Satan is the instigator and promoter of breaking God’s Way. Genesis 3; I Peter 5:8
      3. Breaking God’s will occurs in multiple ways. Galatians 5:19f

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